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  • {shortened link}?ref=google
  • {shortened link}?ref=instagram
  • {shortened link}?ref=meu-site


Our service is 100% free. Create as many links as you want, and also track statistics for each link

short URL

Extremely short URLs, we have the shortest shortened URL in the market, using only 14 characters

10 reasons to use our services

100% free - our service is completely free. Create as many links as you want, without having to spend a single penny
Statistics - track how many clicks your URL is receiving in a simple and free way through our statistics page statistics
The used links never expire - URLs that receive clicks will never be removed from the platform, except for malicious links
Super safe - protection against viruses and major attacks as per OWASP TOP 10
Short link - our shortened URLs have only 14 characters, making them ideal for use in tweets and SMS
Auto scalable - our platform supports high processing loads, where servers are automatically scaled without interruption to services
Easy-to-integrate API - integrate your platform with ours in just a few minutes with our free and straightforward API for developers
Link redundancy - all shortened URLs work from multiple domains, feel free to use the one that suits you best
+10 million shortened links - the number speaks for itself, demonstrating the credibility that our users place in our services
constantly evolving - we are constantly working to offer the best services to our users, excellence is our greatest motivation

Link shortening is a practice used to transform a long URL into a much shorter and easy-to-remember link. It is ideal for use in promoting links on social media and sending SMS messages.

The urlshort.dev has a sophisticated and robust URL shortening system. Our database of shortened links has billions of clicks with a response time of 50 milliseconds. It is a 100% free premium service, where shortened links do not expire, ensuring total satisfaction and security for our users.

In addition, our service has an easy-to-integrate development API with any external application or system. We also provide a monitoring panel, where you can track how many clicks your links are receiving. Shorten links from Whatsapp, Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tiktok, and much more!

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